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BLOG - #bgracing

The 2016 NMRA Race Season

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The NMRA Race season is officially over. Nina with BG Racing finished 2nd in points in Truck & Lightning class and Brad with BG Racing won the Ecoboost Shootout in Bowling Green, KY! We still have a lot of racing, testing and records to achieve. But we would like to thank Vinnie Telesco for representing BG Racing so well with a 4th place finish in Truck and Lightning class.Our crew is the best! Krista Elyse has went above and beyond to help us at every event. She is a life saver! From making post to running from the pits to lanes to get us anything we need. I cant thank you enough. Kyrie Rinehart her pictures and video skills are amazing! She has been a huge help as well!  Thanks you guys for all you do. See you at PRI and the awards ceremony!